Artists Bring Brands to Life in Miami

Nobel Biocare – a medical device company – chose a beautiful space to host its 1,000 person Symposium Reception. Tucked between the aquamarine shore and the iconic Fontainebleau in Miami, you [...]

What comes after “Experiential Marketing?” Measuring Experiential ROI.

For the last decade, everyone connected to marketing and events jumped on the “experiential marketing” bandwagon. Why? Because marketing is something you do, while experiencing your brand is [...]

Elevate your Holiday Party Theme

Dressed in cheap wigs, gold sequins, and lamé bellbottoms, the cover band sings the BeeGee’s “You Should Be Dancing” to an empty dance floor. Is that a raccoon onstage? No, it’s just the [...]

How I (almost) lost my mind looking for non-traditional event spaces in London

Location, location, location. It’s so critical to find the right space for your event – one that communicates the brand, has just enough space, is in the right neighborhood, accessible to public [...]

Behind the Scenes: How to Blow Up a National Sales Meeting

Every year, the sales kick off planning discussion inevitably turns to the question: how can we make next year’s annual sales meeting different, better, and make an impact that people will [...]

Just Say No to Cover Bands

While it might feel safe to book a cover band to play songs we have all heard on the radio, it ultimately comes across as predictable and uninspiring. Your guests expect more. There are a ton of [...]

Holiday Party Dos and Don’ts

The holiday party season is just around the corner (already?!) and, let’s face it, some holiday parties can be quite dull. We decided to ask ourselves – what would be our top dos and don’ts for [...]