DoubleDutch Live Engagement Tour

To energize marketing leaders worldwide with their new live engagement tools, DoubleDutch tapped Trademark to produce an international roadshow. Dubbed The Live Engagement Tour, DoubleDutch [...]

Take Me Out to the VR Ballgame

Trademark helped the SF Giants launch their first-ever full immersion virtual reality (VR) experience for fans.

Creating Spaces that Move People

San Francisco's YBCA inspires Trademark to think outside the box when it comes to creating engaging spaces.

Five Non-Traditional Event Branding Ideas

When it comes to putting your brand front and center at events, consider some non-traditional ideas that pack an extra punch.

The (Steam)rolling Streets of San Francisco

Roadworks is an annual event sponsored by San Francisco Center for the Book and features a 1924 Buffalo Springfield coal-powered steamroller doing printmaking directly on the surface of Rhode [...]

Getting off the Beaten Path in Orlando

Orlando is the destination for lots of events - big and small. But not every event requires the Disney touch. Here is a look at some of the gems we have found on our recently trips to the Central [...]

Bountiful Bikes, Boisterous Beers invade Golden Gate Park

New Belgium Brewery’s Tour de Fat 2015 made its annual pilgrimage to Golden Gate Park on September 19th on an uncharacteristically scaldingly hot September afternoon. The day was filled with [...]

How to survive travel

Travel. It is a big part of our business. Location scouts, video shoots, tradeshows, conferences, festivals, oh my! For the most part, we love to travel. Seeing a new city, learning about its [...]

How to maximize your F&B budget

We see food costs continuing to rise. Not to mention the increase in the taxes and services fees on that food. F&B discounts can be hard to get at a hotel or convention center. But, there are [...]

Projection mapping that’s worth a dam

Every once in a while, we see some incredible use of technology and wish that we’d been there to see it. Or better yet, that we’d gotten to work on it, since it’s always fun to try and figure out [...]

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