Adobe MAX Executive Experience

Brand Activation

When gathering 350 of the world’s most cutting edge and innovative leaders, designers, and Chief Creative Officers for the Adobe MAX Invite-only executive reception the Trademark team wanted to surprise and delight attending trendsetters.

Naming the event FILTER, the event and experience reflects how color is integral to the design world, and how different colors shape how we think about the spaces around us.

Held at Hudson Loft in Los Angeles, the full prism of color was integrated throughout the space. Guests were delivered to the venue taking a neon-lit ombred freight elevator to the main loft space. Greeted by floor-to-ceiling cellophane walls, the space was encompassed in prisms of the rainbow. Anchoring the center of the space were three massive artist installations, called HYBOCOZOs, that emitted multi-colored projected shadows throughout the venue.

Acknowledging the wide influence of this exclusive group of VIPs, Trademark developed two different custom portrait experiences which attendees could use to promote their personal brand. The first was a custom, Vanity Fair-like photo studio that produced a light hued or dark hued duotone photo opp, where attendees could choose from a wide range of skin tones. The second was an aura-reading photo booth. Not a traditional photo booth with props or multiple shots, aura photography is based on the 1970s camera built by Guy Coggins that captures the electromagnetic field (aura) around someone and tells their story through colors. More than 30% of participants participated and used the duotone activation.

Guests were also treated to cold rolled ice cream, appetizers, and cocktails with glowing ice cubes that made for a full-sensory experience.

  • Client:Adobe
  • Location:Los Angeles, CA
  • Venue:Hudson Loft

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