Bausch + Lomb National Sales Meeting

Sales Meetings

The Bausch + Lomb Annual National Sales Meeting NSM exemplifies how Trademark loves to work with clients. We collaborate to inject creativity into every element of the experience. In years past, we’ve found talent for the mainstage that helps reinforce a sense of place – a master of guitar licks for the Hard Rock San Diego, or a master of rope tricks for Tamaya in Albuquerque. Each year’s theme is fully extended to the Awards Ceremony, branding, and General Session. We’ve helped honor Lifetime Achievers with special pre-produced videos that tell the stories of their lives and careers, and bring in family members to celebrate. The community created by the NSM is something we cherish and want to preserve, year after year.

  • Client:Bausch + Lomb
  • Location:Newport, San Diego, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Atlanta
  • Venue:Various venues

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