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The vision was ambitious: an immersive 360 degree visual story that transports 500 donors from the heart of the Mission to the fields of Ethiopia for an unforgettable emotional experience. Thanks to the creative and technical collaboration between Trademark Events and our local partners, the event exceeded all expectations, raising over $7 million dollars for clean water projects in Ethiopia.

charity: water CEO Scott Harrison is known for finding new and inventive ways to connect donors with the communities they serve. After 12 years in New York, he decided to bring the charity: ball to the Bay Area, the home turf for many of their biggest donors. When Trademark joined the team as the production partner, we brought our 20 years of production experience and visual storytelling to the table, as well as our strong local connections and expertise. We invited Drew Lightfoot and BODEGA to direct and shoot a 360 film that captures the story of one Ethiopian woman’s daily journey for clean water, using one-of-a-kind technology. We leveraged our long-standing relationship with Immersive and GlobalTrends to pull off a technically audacious vision by rigging 840 LED panels in a 276’ circumference, 20’ tall, and a 40,000 pound HALO screen inside the historic San Francisco Armory. Grayson Matthews’ provided live spatial audio mixing, weaving together the sounds of the Ethiopian landscape with a live score from Brooklyn-based band Live Footage for an auditory experience unlike any other. All of it Now built a completely custom giving app that made it easy and simple for guests to give right from their seats, as well as totalizers that sent data to the screens and used gorgeous graphics to illustrate the impact of their donations in real time.

We are proud to be the glue between the creative and technical teams that brought this incredible story to life, creating a lasting impact for Ethiopian communities for years to come.

  • Client:charity: water
  • Location:San Francisco, CA
  • Venue:The Armory

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